Why Me?

I’m blessed with a brain that can flex effortlessly between analysis, creativity and insight.

My clients range from world renowned companies through to new start-ups.
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No 1

My brand strategy helped a top 4 bottled water leapfrog Volvic and challenge Evian for the number 1 spot, even though my client’s brand was outspent 6:1 by Volvic and 8:1 by Evian.

More Attractive

My repositioning for Dobbies stretched it from a gardening brand to a mainstream green brand, making it an ideal acquisition target for Tesco.

Super Growth

My brand strategy for a consortium of major dairy companies in Scotland helped turn around a long term decline in milk sales, outperforming England & Wales and generating 160m incremental litres on a media spend that averaged just 6.5% of the annual combined soft drinks spend.

It is terrific to work with Diane. She combines her incredible intellect and vast experience to produce truly impressive thinking. And she really thinks! She likes to ‘mull’ over challenges and she will work through all the facets of a brand, the landscape, the issues, opportunities… invariably producing outstanding and well-founded solutions. Plus, Diane thinks strategically and creatively, so she can really move brands forward and achieve genuine business growth. Diane is such a pleasure to work with and to know – so competent yet without a touch of arrogance, she is wonderfully warm-hearted and always clear, patient, positive and supportive.
— Janet Hosken, Independent Research Consultant